How to Know When My Swimming Pool Motor Needs Replacing?

Owning a swimming pool provides a great place to throw a party and a nice location to relax during the summer months; however, owning a swimming pool is also a big responsibility. The pool needs to be scrubbed regularly to ensure that mold doesn't grow and develop.

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What Is Motor Testing?

Today, approximately 300 million electric motors are in operation worldwide. An average of 30 million new electric motors are sold every year for industrial use. On average, these motors account for almost 75% of the electrical consumption in most industrial plants.

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How Often Should I Get My Motor Tested?

One of the primary reasons why companies come up with electrical maintenance programs is to increase equipment performance and uptime while reducing the operating costs. Electric motor testing is the first thing that will be sacrificed when trying to cut back on the operational costs.

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How Often Does a Pool Motor Need to be Repaired?

Anyone living in Arizona knows the summers are HOT, and the last thing you want to happen is for your pool motor to die out. If that does happen, though, you can trust Run ‘Em Again Electric Motors to diagnose and repair your motor.

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How are AC Condensers repaired in a Nutshell?

Whether you live in Glendale or any part of Phoenix, you probably know that most days of the year are sunny and that means you must equip yourself with an AC Condenser. But what if it requires repairs? Will you just stay in that heat or run to the next shop to buy a new one?

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Why is bearing testing important?

Bearings are critical components of many machines, as they are designed specifically to minimize frictions between two moving objects. Basically, their functional characteristics might determine whether the machine is going to meet the minimum system requirements or not.

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What is Hipot Testing?

Many people are familiar with continuity tests – a test that ensures the smooth flow of current from point A to point B. Hipot testing is the exact opposite of a continuity test; it’s a test that makes sure that no current will flow from one point to another.

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How Long Does a Pool Motor Last?

There are several factors which influence how long a pool motor will last. The first and perhaps most obvious factor is the quality of the pool motor itself. If you purchase a very cheap pool motor, it is likely that the motor is not the highest quality model available on the market.

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Should You Have Your Pool Motor Inspected?

Before you purchase a home that has a swimming pool, a swimming pool inspection needs to be conducted first. This is to determine whether there is any dirt beneath the pool surface.

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Taking Ownership Of Your New Pool

While Arizona is not Hollywood, California, the luxury of having your own personal swimming pool is one that virtually every resident of Glendale would love to have. As with any luxury item, the maintenance costs can be high and the responsibility level the owner must take is equally as important.

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Quality Repair And Maintenance Of Pump Pool Motors In Arizona

A family business operating since 1946, Run ‘Em Again Electric Motors is the latest name of the company started by Henry Hayden in rural Mississippi after World War II.

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The Case for a New Motor over a Rebuilt One in Peoria Arizona

A new electric motor often has a better warranty then a rebuilt motor and one of the smartest plans is to purchase a new electric motor for an immediate replacement and have the old one rebuilt to keep on hand as a spare.

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3 Reasons You Should Have Your Phoenix Industrial Motors Inspected

In a Phoenix industrial setting, safety should always be the first and foremost concern. Employees are an industry’s greatest asset. An employer is required to provide a safe working environment and is responsible for making sure employees have safe tools and equipment.

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3 Reasons You Should Use a Professional Phoenix Electric Motor Repair Specialists Versus DIY

Run 'Em Again Motors discusses the top three reasons you should hire an electric motor repair specialist vs. doing the repair yourself.

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Our Staff’s Top Five Arizona Electric Motor Manufacturers and Why

The experienced staff of Run ‘Em Again Electric Motors has chosen as their top five electric motor manufacturers; Armstrong, Hyundai, Bell & Gossett, Century and GE.

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The of Importance Maintaining Your Glendale Swamp Cooler Motor

The mechanical components of a swamp cooler include a water pump, a float valve, and a blower. The blower and pump are run by electric motors. In order to keep the need for electric motor repair specialists to a minimum, you should regularly perform these maintenance tasks!

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Top 11 Glendale Electric Motor Terms Defined

As your provider of electric motor repair and rebuild in Glendale, along with sales of both new and rebuilt electric motors, we would like to acquaint you with some of the terminology used in discussing electric motors. Here are the top 11 electric motor terms defined!

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How a Glendale Electric Motor Works

Everyone in Glendale has probably played with magnets at some point while growing up. You learned that each magnet has two ends. Scientifically they are known as the north pole and the south pole. Their names refer to the fact that when the magnet is suspended freely, the north pole will always point towards the Earth’s magnetic North Pole. When playing with magnets it’s easy to see that the like ends of two magnets repel each other while the opposite ends attract each other.

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Why Isn't There a Sensor For Pool Pump Motors Running Dry?

Swimming Pool Pumps are pre-designed by manufacturers to be self priming. The trap and basket in front of the pump motor stays full of water when the pump isn't running, allowing the pump to have water at the impeller right when it starts.

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Understanding the Parts of Your AC System?

Understanding a bit about how your air conditioner works can help you understand how important regular conditioner maintenance is and why you shouldn’t attempt it yourself.

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