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At Run 'Em Again Electric Motors, we repair and rebuild commercial, residential and swimming pool electric motors and pumps. For more details on our repair services, please click on the category below that best fits your needs.

Repair Services from Run 'Em Again

With an average of 107 days each year above 100 degrees in the Valley of the Sun, Phoenix residents can't afford to wait around all day for repair services. When an AC condenser fan motor fails, pool pump stops working, or swamp cooler motor dies, we spring into action to get your motor running again with a variety of services that include repair, replacement parts, and even rebuilt motors.

Commercial Repair Services in Glendale, Peoria, and Surprise

Located on the west side of the metro area, Run 'Em Again offers services for electric motor repair Glendale commercial entities depend on. Our certified technicians will come out to your company to complete a test on your equipment if you've been experiencing issues. Our testing includes the following services:

  • Bench testing
  • Motor testing
  • Pump testing
  • Check the winding
  • Overall inspection
  • Bearings Testing
  • Shaft Voltage Testing

Whether the air conditioning unit in a retail location is broken or the pump in the hot tub at a local gym failed, Run 'Em Again can solve the problem. We provide businesses in Peoria, Surprise or Glendale electric motor rebuild servicing that ranges from repairing damaged equipment to installing rebuilt motors to get your up and running quickly.

Residential Repair Services

Phoenix-area homeowners need to have a cool place to retreat when the temperatures rise across the Valley. If you work outside or suffer through long commutes at the end of the day, you need a cool place to unwind and recharge. We offer the same testing process to our residential customers, covering the same equipment. We work with the industry's top manufacturers, such as Armstrong, Century, GE, Marathon Electric, and others, to keep our business stocked with the replacement parts we need to service your air conditioner rapidly.

We provide a variety of other services as well, such as offering the residents of Peoria small electric motor repair for other motors in the home such as bathroom exhaust fans, attic ventilation fans, and even household air compressors. If you need services for an electric motor rebuild, Surprise residents, you can count on us for that too.

Industrial Repair Services

Although we don't service large electric motors, pumps, or fan assemblies, we can help other businesses in the Valley that service the people of Phoenix. We carry a wide selection of replacement parts including belts, fan blades, pulleys, pumps, and rebuilt motors and pumps. Investing in replacement parts and quality rebuilt motors and pumps saves your business money compared to purchasing brand-new equipment while allowing you to get back to the job of helping your customers throughout the area.

Commercial services include:

New and Rebuilt Circulating Pool Pumps By Run Em Again New or rebuilt circulating pumps

Residential services include:

Industrial services include:

  • Pump repair
  • Air conditioner motor repair
  • Rebuild motors and pumps
  • Installation Test
  • Hipot Testing
  • Epoxy Coding for Pumps
  • VFD's
  • Laser Alignment Belt
  • Dip & Bake For Winding,
  • Expoy Coating for winding
  • Gear Boxes
  • Shafting
  • FYH Filling Bearings
  • Field Service Available
  • Bearings Testing
  • Shaft Voltage Testing
Glendale & Phoenix Industrial Services Industrial repair services

Our top manufacturers:

Leeson, GE, Fasco, Century, Marathon, Bell & Gosset, Armstrong, Lincoln Motors, Taco, We repair ANY brand!


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  • Home
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  • Electric motors
  • Fan blades
  • Pulleys
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  • Rebuilt motors
  • Rebuilt pumps

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