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5 Signs That Your HVAC Blower Needs Repair

The blower motor of your HVAC system is responsible for moving air through the ducts and into each room of your Glendale home. When the motor is damaged or worn out, it causes several issues that affect your heating and cooling. Here are five signs that you need the expert motor repair services of Run ‘Em Again Electric Motors. We test the motor to determine the issue and perform repairs. If the motor needs to be replaced, we carry a line of blower motors for all major HVAC systems.

1. Poor Airflow

If you notice that the air flowing through the vents seems a little weaker than normal, this is a sign that your blower motor may need some attention. If you don’t routinely monitor airflow, you can still watch for signs of the problem. You may feel slightly more uncomfortable than usual.

2. Unusual Sounds

Squeaks, squeals, and rattling are all signs that the blower motor of your HVAC system is not working properly. The most common problems are worn-out belts, electrical shorts, dust in the motor, and broken brackets. Call Run ‘Em Again Electric Motors to schedule a service appointment.

3. Shut Downs

When the blower of your HVAC system is not working, the entire system can overheat. Safety mechanisms shut down the equipment to prevent permanent damage. If your HVAC system frequently shuts down and does not turn on for a while, the blower may need repairs or replacement.

4. Higher Energy Bills

The issues caused by broken blower motors in heating and cooling systems are not always obvious. It may seem like everything is working properly, but you notice that your utility bills are slowly creeping up every month. This is a good sign that the blower is interfering with the energy-efficient operation of the entire system.

5. No Air From the Vents

Turning on your heat or air conditioner only to find that no air is coming out of the vents is frustrating any time of year. If this happens to you, don’t panic. You may not need to replace the entire unit. Your blower motors may just need some repairs. If the problem is with the blower, and it can’t be repaired, replacing a blower motor is much more affordable than replacing the entire heating or cooling unit.

Expert Service for Your HVAC Blower Motor

If you suspect that you are having issues with the blower motor of the heating and cooling system of your Glendale home, Run ‘Em Again Electric Motors can help! Give a call to schedule an appointment with one of our experts.

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