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Should You Have Your Pool Motor Inspected?

Before you purchase a home that has a swimming pool, a swimming pool inspection needs to be conducted first. This is to determine whether there is any dirt beneath the pool surface. A Swimming pool motor provides a regular circulation and filtration of the water follow therefore maintaining a healthy environment for swimming. Hiring professional and qualified inspectors to assist you in the maintenance and repair services from our company in Glendale, AZ helps you keep your pool running in a smooth manner. There are several reasons why motor inspection is essential. These are:

Detection of leakages on the pump

At times, water might be leaking from one the mechanical shaft seal which has been worn out. Since the pump seal separates the dry and wet sides of the pump motor, the presence of water can result in unusual motor functioning. For instance, when water gets into the water leaks, the motor shaft does not get into the pump as expected and as a result prevents it from spinning constantly. To eliminate this problem, a thorough inspection is vital.

Elimination of motor noise

In the pump motor interior, there are the rear and front bearings which are attached to the back and front ends of the motor shaft. When the motor gets exposed to heavy loads, these bearings become damaged. Noisy motors can eventually lead to cavitation. Inspections are therefore appropriate to eliminate motor noise. Since they are sealed and can’t be re-lubricated or repacked, the only option is replacing them the moment they begin screeching and produce unbearable noise.

To maintain normal functioning

The pump turns on and off automatically as a result of overheating. The normal temperatures of the motor are 140 degrees. However, thermal overload kicks off a cycling motor. Mostly, low voltage causes overheating. Furthermore, this can also be caused by obstruction of air vents and blockage of the ventilation places. Leaves and other sorts of dirt play a significant role in blockage. When the motor overheats, it doesn’t necessarily function as usual. For this reason, seeking our pool inspection services at our company in Glendale, AZ will be important to ensure proper functioning of the motor. Your inspector plays the role of a detective in the pool inspection process. Diagnosing the problems associated with the pool, he/she also helps in the swimming pool maintenance. Even though it’s optional, inspection of your motor is a process which is worth dedicating your investment into. Contact us today have peace knowing that you have a properly functioning swimming pool motor!

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