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What Are The Different Types Of Motors?

A motor is a machine that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. Motors utilize the concept of electromagnetism. A motor has three parts. These parts include a rotor, a stator, and a commutator. Motors are classified based on the type of power source, internal construction, application, and type of motion output. Here are the different types of motors.

DC motors

DC motor converts direct current electrical energy into mechanical energy. They have low initial costs. DC motors have high power. This element increases the overall maintenance costs. They have a high-speed control over a wider range. DC motors are used for small tools and appliances. There are two types of DC motors:

Brushed motors — Brushed DC motors have a low initial cost, simple control of motor speed, and are very reliable. They do not last for a long. Additionally they require high maintenance.

Brushless motors — Brushless motors have a simple design and lasts longer. They require little maintenance and are highly efficient. However, they are more complicated with controllers and bear high initial costs. You will find these types of motors in fans, pumps, and compressors.

AC motors

An AC motor is driven by an alternating current (AC). It usually consists of an outside stator and an inside rotor. AC motors requires less on start, and an adjustable operational speed. Nonetheless, you will need great technical expertise to maintain AC motors. There are two types of AC motors

Synchronous — They are ideal for high precision positioning devices like robots. Since the speed remains constant under varying loads. They are perfect for driving equipment at a constant speed.

Induction — This motor uses electromagnetic induction to produce the electric current. They are mainly found in household appliances.

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