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How are AC Condensers repaired in a Nutshell?

Whether you live in Glendale or any part of Phoenix, you probably know that most days of the year are sunny and that means you must equip yourself with an AC Condenser. But what if it requires repairs? Will you just stay in that heat or run to the next shop to buy a new one? We as the Run Em Again Electric Motors ensure that your motor is cranking within no time and remember: we offer you not only repair of AC Condensers but also pumps, belts, pulleys and fun blades among more.

How is An AC Condenser Cleaned and Repaired?

Let us look at some of the problems you are likely to experience with an AC Condenser and how it is repaired in a nutshell.

In most cases, it will start having problems or malfunctions due to dirt, leaks, blockage, burnt motor, damaged coil and faulty condenser relay switch among more. Once you identify the cause of the problem, it is easy to tell whether you need to repair or replace the unit. For example, if the problem is due to dirt or faulty condenser relay switch repairing will work just fine. However, if it is burnt motor or damaged coil, you should purpose to replace the unit.

If you realize that only repairs are needed, here is how to go about it but to get good results, consider getting a professional.

Start with cleaning the unit to remove any debris especially in the fan area. Check the fan blades to ensure it is positioned in the right way and clean it every time you switch the AC on, lubricate the motor, keep the condenser in a place that has no direct sunlight to prevent it from wearing off. Lastly, test the condenser to ensure that your repair and maintenance were successful.

If you need to Professional Help We Are Here

Are you looking for a company that will repair your AC Condenser? Look no further than Run Em Again Electric Motors in Phoenix. We are a company that has had over fifty years of experience in repairing and rebuilding electric motors. Our staffs are some of the best technicians in the country which mean they only deliver quality work.

In conclusion, keep in mind that prevention is better than cure and so, try and perform routine maintenance services and ask a professional to test it once in a while. Remember: Run Em Again Electric Motors are here to offer you the repair services at a very affordable cost. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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