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Top 11 Glendale Electric Motor Terms Defined

Expert John Hayden Defines The Top 11 Electric Motor TermsAs your provider of electric motor repair and rebuild in Glendale, along with sales of both new electric motors and rebuilt electric motors, we would like to acquaint you with some of the terminology used in discussing electric motors.

1. AC (alternating current)

Alternating current is the most commonly available electric power. In an electric motor, in order to keep the rotor rotating, it’s necessary that the polarity of the electromagnet change the direction of its flow, or alternate.

2. Air Gap

In an electric motor the space between the stator and the rotor is called the air gap. Generally speaking, the smallest air gap provides the best efficiency.

3. Armature

The rotating part of the magnetic component in an electric motor is called the armature. It uses a continuous series of windings to create an electromagnet.

4. Conductor

A conductor can be any material possessing low resistance to the flow of electric currents. Metals are among the best conductors of electric current. To maintain an electric current passing through a conductive wire will require an insulating material.

5. Commutator

A commutator is a cylinder shaped component that consists of copper segments connected to the armature. Each copper segment contains windings.

6. DC (direct current)

A direct current only flows in one direction in an electric circuit.

7. Electromagnet

An electromagnet is a magnet containing an iron core with a coil of insulated wire wrapped around it. It is magnetized when an electric current flows through the wire, and it loses its magnetic field when the current is eliminated.

8. Encapsulated winding

Encapsulated winding means each wire in the winding is coated with a highly insulating material enabling it to withstand exposure to harsh conditions.

9. Rotor

The rotor is the moving part in an electric motor responsible for turning the shaft in order to create mechanical power. It generally consists of stacked laminations.

10. Stator

This stator is the stationary component of an electric motor’s magnetic structure and is connected to the windings. It consists of laminations and has a hole in the center where the rotor can turn.

11. Efficiency

The efficiency of a motor is the ratio of its useful power output to its total power input and is expressed in percentage.

Some of these terms might stump many of us, but not the motor repair and electric motor rebuild specialists at Run 'Em Again Electric Motors in Glendale Arizona. We specialize in electric motors up to 50 hp for both residential and commercial use. We stock a large selection of parts and accessories for most major brands such as pulleys, fan blades, belts, etc. as well as carrying a wide variety of rebuilt electric motors and pumps. Additionally, if you are considering a new electric motor we are factory authorized distributors of most major brands including Leeson, Century, Armstrong, Taco, Hyundai, Bell & Gossett, Worldwide, Marathon, and FASCO.

Run 'Em Again Electric Motors brings 50 years of combined experience in motor repair and electric motor rebuild to your Glendale Arizona home or business. Contact us today at (623) 388-6898 for testing.

Testing Includes:

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  • Motor Testing
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Run 'Em Again Electric Motors provides complete AC and DC motor services.

Our Services Include:

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  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Pool Pump Repair
  • Air Conditioning Motor Repair
  • Electric Motor Rebuild
  • Motor Repair
  • Factory Authorized Sales of Most Major Brands of Electric Motors and Pumps

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