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Understanding the Parts of Your AC System

In Arizona, the summers are hot. Like you’re already sweating by the time you walk from your front door to your car hot. The Arizona summer is not a time for your air conditioner to go out. A fan just isn’t going to cut it in that kind of heat.

Getting the right Queen Creek air conditioner maintenance from an AC technician will help you minimize disruptions to your unit. While you might think that you can perform some of this maintenance yourself, it’s not a good idea. You need advanced training and experience to really understand the inner workings of your cooling system, and without that training and experience, you are very likely to make a mistake that could lead to major (expensive) repairs or even the need for a total replacement.

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Understanding a bit about how your air conditioner works can help you understand how important regular San Tan air conditioner maintenance is and why you shouldn’t attempt it yourself.

Your air conditioner has five main parts:

  • refrigerant
  • compressor
  • condenser
  • expansion valve
  • evaporator coil

The refrigerant is responsible for taking heat out of your home. As it attracts more heat, it changes from a liquid to vapor, which is then removed from the unit. The compressor is responsible for pumping the refrigerant through the system. The refrigerant comes in as warm vapor and leaves as hot vapor.

Hot vapor is moved to the condenser. There, cool air blows over it, converting the vapor to hot liquid. That liquid is then moved to the expansion valve.

The expansion valve takes in the hot liquid and moves it through a tiny opening at high pressure. That converts the liquid to a cooler liquid mist.

After it leaves the expansion valve, the cool liquid goes through the evaporator coil. The warm air that blows across the evaporator coil is cooled by the liquid there. That cooler air is what blows into your home to make the space feel cooler and more comfortable. As the same time, the warm air is heating the liquid that is in the evaporator coil. That turns into a vapor, which is sent through the compressor, starting the whole cycle over.

This process may be a little confusing even after reading it. Imagine how confusing it would be if you were trying to look at the unit and figure out which stage of the process needed maintenance or repair.

It is important that you always call a qualified Apache Junction AC technician who is licensed and has the requisite training to perform your air conditioner maintenance or repairs. Otherwise, you could jeopardize the performance and health of your air conditioning unit, causing you outages in the extreme Arizona heat. Sure, you might be able to get an emergency technician out in a hurry, but is that really a chance you want to take when the temperatures have hit triple digits?

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