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What Is Motor Testing?

Today, approximately 300 million electric motors are in operation worldwide. An average of 30 million new electric motors are sold every year for industrial use. On average, these motors account for almost 75% of the electrical consumption in most industrial plants. However, just like other machines, motors are not 100 percent efficient, and they are also bound to fail. The primary reason why motor testing is critical is to increase equipment promptness and uptime while decreasing the operational costs.

Unfortunately, most companies tend to sacrifice motor testing when looking for ways of cutting back on expenses which is wrong. In fact, smart and successful companies understand the fact that without proper maintenance of motors a lot of revenue is lost is lost through constant motor repair costs that lead to an increase in downtime.

What Is Motor Testing and Why Is It Done?

Electric motor testing, which is sometimes referred to as Motor Circuit Analysis, is the process of using portable, computer-aided test equipment to assess the general condition of electric motors and also support circuitry which reveals a broad-range of hidden problems that can lead to unexpected motor failures. It is a closely supervised process that can help you to prevent specific motor problems from occurring.

Motor testing is critical in ensuring plant reliability since motor failures are among the leading causes of downtime in industrial facilities. A significant portion of motor failures occurs as a result of electrical failures. However, the other causes of motor failures such as rotor problems can be identified and prevented through motor testing. Other mechanical faults that lead to motor failures can also be avoided through motor testing. Diagnostic tools used in motor testing such as clamp-on ammeters and temperature sensors can help identify these issues.

Common Methods of Motor Testing

A wide range of testing methods are usually included in the routine maintenance program. However, the type of motor testing to be used will depend on various factors such as the type and size of the motor to be tested. However, the two common methods of motor testing are; offline and online testing.

The offline motor testing method can be used regularly to establish all the functioning components within the motor. The primary elements to be determined include the windings and the rotor bar. This method of motor testing can also be used for current and voltage analysis. For offline motor testing to take place, the motor must be taken offline.

The online motor testing method is also known as dynamic testing, and it is usually performed while the motor is running. This method usually provides critical information about the power quality and the motor's overall operating condition. The data collected during this form of testing can be analyzed to reveal potential motor problems.

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