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What Are Electric Motors Used For

Electric motors are machines used to power all kinds of equipment. In the simplest definition, an electric motor converts electricity so it can be used to propel a mechanical device. You can classify an electric motor by the way it is powered, by the way it's built and by the way its power is used. Motors can run the gamut from miniature to large. The size depends on what's required for the device.

Are There Electric Motors in My Home?

Absolutely! Just look around you right now, and you can probably spot several from where you're sitting. Any device that has a fan or blower has an electric motor. Remember, electric motors convert electricity to make a device move, spin, push or propel. If you've got a desktop computer nearby, it's got many electric motors inside to operate its disk drives and fans. Electric clocks, VCRs and aquarium pumps also have electric motors.

More Electric Motors in Your Home

There are many other items in your home where you'll find this type of motor hiding quietly. Look for them in exhaust fans and kitchen appliances, such as blenders, mixers and electric knives. You'll also find them in hair dryers, electric razors and electric toothbrushes. Washers, dryers, vacuum cleaners, drills and heating and cooling systems also have electric motors. Run 'Em Again Electric Motors can help you repair and restore motors in Glendale. We can test and assess the condition of a wide range of products.

Electric Motors in Businesses

Don't forget about the electric motors used in your office or business. Copy machines, video cameras and computer printers all utilize electric motors. If you're working in a manufacturing business, it's likely you are using all kinds of equipment with electric motors. Printing companies, construction contractors, auto repair businesses and carpet cleaning companies all use electric motors to provide their services.

When you need help fixing an appliance or other motorized tool in Glendale, let us know. At Run 'Em Again Electric Motors, we fix and rebuild small motors for our customers. Call us or stop by today!

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