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How to Know When My Swimming Pool Motor Needs Replacing?

Owning a swimming pool provides a great place to throw a party and a nice location to relax during the summer months; however, owning a swimming pool is also a big responsibility. The pool needs to be scrubbed regularly to ensure that mold doesn't grow and develop. In addition, the pH needs to be monitored to make sure that it is safe to swim in. In addition, another common question that people have is whether or not the motor needs to be replaced. It is important for everyone to know the signs to look for that might indicate that something is wrong with the motor.

Possible Problems with the Motor

There are a few common problems that the motor might have. These include:

  • Issues with the Bearings: This is a very common problem with the motor because they are prone to damage from excessive vibrations, repeated shocks, or even corrosion. If the motor is making unusual sounds, the bearings should be examined.
  • Clogged Motor: The motor is prone clogging, particularly if a lot of debris is in the motor. This can also happen if the washers or bolts on the propeller get loose or worn out.
  • Dehydrated Pump: Sometimes, the pool pump can get dehydrated if the pump is not a self-priming motor. Dehydration can lead to a damaged system. It is important to turn the system off and dehydrate it before the motor gets worse.
  • Overheated Motor: Sometimes, the motor can get worked too hard. If it becomes overloaded, this can be a serious problem. Sometimes, the motor can burn out. This could lead to the motor needing to be replaced.

When to Replace the Motor

There are a few common times that the motor will need to be replaced. These include:

  • The motor for the swimming pool has exceeded its indicated lifespan
  • A new model has been released and the owner would like an upgrade
  • The motor is requiring repeated repairs due to bearings, motors, or overheating
  • The current pump is not doing a good job keeping debris out of the way and the water filtered
  • The cost to repair the motor is greater than the cost to purchase a whole new motor

Contact a Trained HVAC Professional Today

When it is time to replace the swimming pool motor, it is a good idea to contact a trained professional. The friendly and experienced representatives with Run 'Em Again Motors, located conveniently in Glendale, AZ, are always standing by to help anyone with their swimming pool needs. Call today to learn more about the various swimming pool motor options!

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