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Signs You Need An Electric Motor Repair

The heart of the HVAC system in your facility is a healthy motor. The motor works quietly behind the scene, plugging along without a need for love and care until the day comes when it gets tired and eventually breaks down. It doesn't take much attention to keep your electric motor happy, but you just need to do it. This is where an electric motor repair serviceman comes in with the background, experience and up-to-date technology education. Here are some signs you need an electric motor repair.

System Is Not Working at All

The first thing you should do is check the power source. Your electric motor is just like any other electric device: if it is failing to operate completely, the first step should be to follow a troubleshooting chain to see if the component is getting any juice to it.

If the system is not working at all, or the high-limit switch has been activated, a professional technician will check the unit for power. If the voltage is right, a technician should check the circuit that controls the low-voltage. Often, the circuit breaker has tripped. If there is a blown fuse or the transformer is bad, these occasions can easily trigger a short.

Debris in Your Unit

If you confirm that the unit is getting power, you need to cut the power supply off and remove the cover panel from the motor. If you see a lot of dirt, dead ants, insect carcasses and debris, there's a high likelihood that the filthy unit has shorted out. If you know how to clean the motor, you can try to do this before calling in a professional. Even if you get your motor up and running, it is still advised that you get a preventative maintenance program. At Run 'Em Again Motors in Glendale, AZ, we can check your equipment annually to clean your motor and make sure all the parts are working well.

Uncomfortable Messing With Electric?

It's not a bad thing if you don't want to diagnose your electric motor problem on your own. If you are in Glendale, Arizona, give the crew at Run 'Em Again a call for a consultation. We offer residential, commercial and industrial repair services for equipment like pools, air conditioners, heat pumps, and furnaces.

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