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The of Importance Maintaining Your Glendale Swamp Cooler Motor

Find out how an electric motor works!In an arid climate such as Glendale, a swamp cooler is an economical means of cooling. They cost less to purchase as well as to operate than a traditional air conditioner, and if properly maintained, seldom need Glendale AZ swamp cooler motor repair. Swamp coolers are also better for the environment since they don’t require the use of a refrigerant.

The mechanical components of a swamp cooler include a water pump, a float valve, and a blower. The blower and pump are run by electric motors. In order to keep the need for electric motor repair specialists to a minimum, you should regularly perform these maintenance tasks:

  • Safety first; shut off the power at the breaker box and turn off the water supply before performing any maintenance.
  • Check belts for signs of wear such as stretched, frayed, or cracked areas. If the belt requires replacement, either locate the part number on the old belt or take the old belt with you in order to purchase the correct size. When installing the new belt leave approximately an inch of play. If the belt is installed too tightly it will squeal and if it is too loose the fan blades will not turn properly.
  • Many motors are permanently lubricated, but check for oil caps on both ends of the motor. Add oil if required, being careful not to overfill. Then turn the blower wheel and blower by hand in order to spread the oil evenly over the surface of the bearings.
  • If the blower wheel doesn’t turn it may be seized up, requiring the service of an electric motor repair specialists.
  • Check the condition of the water pump. Minerals from the water can build up on the shaft or impeller leaving them unable to move and necessitating replacement.
  • Clean mineral deposits and debris from the pump screen.
  • Visually inspect electrical components such as wires, switches and thermostats for corrosion, since these components are continually exposed to moisture.
  • Control corrosion in accordance with the manufacturer’s instruction manual. Some manuals instruct you to add a mineral neutralizing agent to the water. In order to lessen the concentration of minerals in the water many swamp coolers have an automatic purge cycle. You can also install what’s known as a bleed off kit that removes excess minerals, or you can simply drain and refill the water reservoir every few weeks.
  • Check the float, it too can become corroded with minerals. Water should fill the reservoir to about ½ inch below the top. A defective float can allow the water to overflow or prevent the reservoir from filling with water.
  • When you have finished the mechanical checklist, turn the power and the water back on and allow the reservoir to fill with water to the correct level, adjusting the float if necessary.
  • Be certain the cooler is level.
  • Check for leaks.
  • Check that the water is flowing evenly down all the pads. If it isn’t, look for clogged tubes.
  • Replace worn or cracked pads.
  • Listen for unusual noises.

These tips can help keep your swamp cooler in tip top condition all summer long. If you run into problems ask for help from Run 'Em Again Electric Motors, your Glendale electric motor repair specialists. We are highly experienced at swamp cooler motor repair, and we repair and rebuild all makes of electric motors up to 50 hp. In addition we carry a wide array of new motors and parts, and are authorized dealers for most major brands such as Fasco, Leeson, Lincoln, Zoeller, Hyuandai, Bell & Gossett, Armstrong, Marathon, Century and others.

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