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How Long Does a Pool Motor Last?

There are several factors which influence how long a pool motor will last. The first and perhaps most obvious factor is the quality of the pool motor itself. If you purchase a very cheap pool motor, it is likely that the motor is not the highest quality model available on the market. This is the case for many products, but it applies to pool motors as well. The brand is also significant in the pool motor's quality as a lesser known brand might prove a lower quality model than a pool motor made by a well-known brand, although this is not always the case.

Another factor that influences how long a pool motor will last is its age. The older a pool motor is, the more likely it is to stop working in the future. Regular wear and tear takes its toll on pool motors, especially since they are often frequently used during the summertime. Additionally, it is more likely that an older pool motor has suffered accidental damage if it has been used for a longer period of time. Furthermore, an older pool motor may have been exposed to environmental conditions that could damage whereas a newer pool motor is at lower risk for such an event.

A third factor that affects how long a pool motor will last is the frequency of cleaning. regular maintenance, and repairs. Keeping your pool motor clean will certainly increase its longevity while not cleaning it regularly will cause it to fail prematurely. Regular maintenance is also important because you can minimize the effect of normal wear and tear. Minimizing the effect of normal wear and tear on your pool motor will help it last longer as well. Repairing any damage to your pool motor is also important since damaged components can lead to the pool motor's decreased performance or total failure.

Speaking of pool motor repair, the experts at Run 'Em Again Motors have decades of experience repairing pool motors and are also committed to providing excellent customer service. If you need your pool motor repaired or a part for it replaced, consider checking out Run 'Em Again Motors. Contact us today!

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