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3 Reasons You Should Have Your Phoenix Industrial Motors Inspected

3 Reasons you Should Have Your Phoenix Industrial Motor Inspected
3 Reasons You Should Have Your Phoenix Industrial Motors Inspected
Run 'Em Again Motors discusses the top three reasons you should hire an electric motor repair specialist for your PHX industrial motor needs
Phoenix, Arizona


In a Phoenix industrial setting, safety should always be the first and foremost concern. Employees are an industry’s greatest asset. An employer is required to provide a safe working environment and is responsible for making sure employees have safe tools and equipment. Employees should also be given a course in safety training. OESHA offers guidelines for industrial safety on their website. If an employer keeps a written record of safety inspections provided by Phoenix industrial motor specialists it will provide evidence to OSHA that the industrial motor has been inspected as required.

Prevent Production Loss

If a shop needs electric motor repair the production loss will be more costly than the electric motor repair itself. Production time lost until industrial motor specialists arrive, diagnose the problem, locate parts and perform electric motor repair can be a heavy expense,especially if combined with paying employees who have nothing to do but sit around and wait until electric motor repairs are completed. Even worse, some motors can’t be easily repaired or replaced. They may be out of production and you will lose time both trying to locate an obsolete motor or part and then in the end have to spend time locating a suitable replacement motor.

Preventative Maintenance Saves on Repairs

Performing industrial motor preventative maintenance can head off more costly repairs in the future. The most important aspect of preventative maintenance is that it must be done on a consistent schedule. Phoenix industrial motor specialists at Run 'Em Again Electric Motors can identify potential problems before they become big problems. Among the easiest preventative maintenance tasks is checking for dirty filters and replacing them with the correct filter. This is one of the least costly maintenance tasks yet it can cause serious electric motor repair in Phoenix if not performed regularly. A dirty filter will also negatively affect the performance of an electric motor which will therefore affect production. A more serious issue is an overheated motor. Overheating is a common cause of fire which can then result in loss of property, business or even people’s lives. Performing electric motor repair before the industrial motor is irreparably damaged can provide sizable savings. It can also prevent safety hazards, injuries, and lost production. Keeping your industrial engine in optimal working condition for as long as possible at the lowest overall cost is the goal of regular industrial motor inspection and preventative maintenance.

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