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Glendale AC Condenser Fan Motor Services

Problems with an AC condenser fan motor are extremely common during the summer in Glendale Arizona. Constant use during the extreme heat of an Arizona summer often necessitates Glendale AC condenser fan motor repair or rebuild.

When the AC condenser fan motor isn’t working the condenser can’t remove the heat that has been picked up from the outside air, so the air conditioner can’t cool your home. If the problem isn’t corrected it can lead to compressor failure since the condenser fan motor serves two purposes, it cools the refrigerant in the condenser coil and also cools the compressor itself to prevent overheating.

One way to troubleshoot your AC condenser fan motor repair in Glendale is to shut down the power to your air conditioner and then attempt to manually spin the fan blades. If the fan blades will not spin that’s usually a sign that the motor has seized up and you will need AC condenser fan motor repair or rebuild. In general the best solution is to rebuild or replace the motor with an exact replacement.

Another air conditioning issue you may face is the need to rebuild or replace the indoor evaporator motor in Glendale AZ. This motor also works extremely hard during a Glendale summer. The function of the indoor evaporator motor is to blow air over the evaporator coil where the cool air is blown through the duct work and then through the vents located throughout your home.

Run 'Em Again Electric Motors is your one destination for Glendale electric motor repair, electric motor rebuild and parts. Although costs can vary greatly, a typical repair usually runs between $75-$150. Run ‘Em Again Electric Motors also has on hand a full inventory of rebuilt electric motors, as well as being a factory authorized dealer of most new, name brand electric motors.

We also provide services for swamp cooler motor repair in Glendale Arizona!

Air Conditioner Condenser Repairs from Run 'Em Again

There's no worse feeling than the realization your AC unit is not functioning properly. With high temperatures exceeding 100 degrees an average of 107 days each year in Arizona, the Valley of the Sun is no place to live without a working air conditioner. There are a lot of problems that can occur when your AC is on the fritz, from minor issues to major repairs.

At Run 'Em Again Electric Motors, it's our job to diagnose the problem, find the best solution, and help your home or office cool down again so you can escape the heat. We happily work with customers across the Valley, providing residents of Peoria air conditioner fan motor repair and even condenser fan motor service.

Glendale Fan Motor Issues

When your air conditioner is functioning properly, the fan motors suck hot air out of your home or office space while also circulating air to the unit's cooling fans. If the fan motor in your AC unit fails, you'll notice a drastic drop in efficiency and performance.

AC Condenser Issues in Peoria, AZ

Your AC condenser works in tandem with the compressor to help cool your home. After the compressor pressurizes refrigerant into a hot liquid, it flows over the condenser and travels along its coils. As heat from the liquid evaporates during the process, it draws heat out of the air around the condenser's coils and cools it. This cold air is then distributed by the fans in your AC unit. If you suspect you have an issue with your AC condenser, give Run ‘Em Again Electric Motors a call right away.

Testing, Repair, and Service

With condenser fan motor service, Peoria residents can rest easy knowing their AC will be running smoothly again in no time. Run 'Em Again offers testing to customers throughout the Valley to help diagnose issues both big and small. Our certified technicians will test the motor and perform an overall inspection to discover the root of your problem.

We carry a wide selection of replacement parts from GE, Armstrong, Century, Fasco, and Leeson, so you won't have to wait days for a new part to come in. We stock everything from fan blades and electric motors to rebuilt motors that breathe extra life into your AC unit.

With more than 50 years of combined experience in AC condenser fan motor repair, Glendale residents can trust Run 'Em Again Electric Motors to accurately diagnose the problem and provide a reliable, affordable solution that keeps your home cool for years to come.

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