The Case for a New Motor over a Rebuilt One in Peoria Arizona

New Motors vs Used Motors
The Case for a New Motor over a Rebuilt One in Peoria Arizona
In this blog, learn the key differences between a used and a new motor, and how to maximize your businesses preparation.
Peoria, Arizona

A rebuilt electric motor can do a fine job, but you have to wait for the Peoria electric motor repair or rebuild. For example while you are waiting on an electric motor rebuild to be finished on your AC motor you may be sweltering in the Peoria Arizona heat. The same is true if you are waiting for your Peoria Arizona swimming pool motor to be rebuilt. Instead of enjoying your swimming pool you are left waiting while the days of summer are passing you by.

When you purchase a new electric motor for your AC in the morning your home can be invitingly cool by the afternoon. A new pump for your swimming pool can allow you and your family to enjoy your swimming pool every day all summer long.

Some Peoria Arizona residents consider these things so important that they prefer to purchase a new electric motor as a backup so that they never have to deal with going without one. In an industrial setting having a new electric motor on the shelf as a backup can save a great deal of money due to lost production and the added expense of paying employees who have nothing to do while they are waiting for an electric motor rebuild.

A new electric motor often has a better warranty then a rebuilt motor and one of the smartest plans is to purchase a new electric motor for an immediate replacement and have the old one rebuilt to keep on hand as a spare.

Furthermore, since electric motors are such essential components for so many industries both large and small, having them regularly inspected is important to preventing lost production and accidents. If on inspection it’s found that an electric motor is on its last legs it can be quickly replaced with a new electric motor with very little down time.

Depending on the circumstances, an Peoria electric motor rebuild can sometimes be less costly than purchasing a new electric motor but there are many factors to take into consideration. Sometimes parts are no longer available for older electric motors. You can trust the electric motor specialists at Run 'Em Again Electric Motors to assist you in weighing all the factors in order to make the best decision.

Run 'Em Again Electric Motors carries a wide range of new electric motors and pumps up to 50 horsepower and also offer factory authorized motor repair services and sell most major brands of electric motors.

We also offer Wickenburg Arizona electric motor repair services

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